Take Breaks Easily!

Do you Work from 8 to 16 Hours a day?

EyeProtectorPro is a break reminder software, useful for preventing RSI,  headaches, and dry eyes caused by PC use. It has break reminder, Multiple Clocks, Timers, Countdowns, Sticky Notes, Stopwatch & more.


Easy Settings


Customize when the breaks appear or just do auto pilot! Low,  Medium & High Presets enforce breaks!


Breaks with some light stretching!

It reminds you to take breaks and suggests some light, body and eyes exercises.



Customizable break time.

Black Screen

Can blackout screen to prevent keep working. (Optional)

Non-Black Screen Reminder

In office, you can use “Non black screen” breaks too.

Smart Breaks

If you are not working on PC, no breaks will be displayed.

Tiny Window

Monitor how much time is left to next break.

One Time Fee

It costs $29.95 only. No yearly fees!