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Workplace Wellness – EyeProtectorPro is eye care, stretch break reminder software, ergonomic break reminder software, computer rest reminder, stress buster & more for Desktop Windows Version. It reminds you to take breaks while you work on your PC.

EyeProtectorPro comes with many useful office tools such as sticky notes, clocks for all countries, countdowns, timers, stopwatches, custom reminders and inbuilt screenshot taker with email ability.


Do you Work from 8 to 16 Hours a day? Do you get headaches, back pain, neck  Pain, tired Eyes?

These days, people mostly do the majority of their work in front of the computer. The digital age that we now live in as made it so that computers have become ubiquitous and an essential part of everyday life from mundane tasks such as making a list of groceries to more serious work oriented tasks. The primary input device used in computers is the keyboard; this is where you will spend most of your time working. Continued Keyboard usage can become detrimental to your health and lead to repetitive Strain Injury, otherwise known as RSI for short.

  • Do you work Non-Stop?

  • Do you Forget To Move Around?

  • Do you Forget To Eat Food?

  • Do you Put off Going Pee?

  • Are you Getting Pot Belly?

You are at RISK of RSI

A Repetitive Strain Injury is an umbrella term for a number of work-related injuries that affect the eyes, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders and neck.

Example: Pain during mouse/keyboard use. Headaches are very common problem among computer users. Eye Protector Pro is a software platform that helps you with the prevention/recovery of Repetitive Strain Injury.

Pain in arms, wrists and hands

  • Swelling, inflammation
  • Numbness or tingling sensation
  • Decreased movement of a joint
  • Stiffness of body part
  • Symptoms worsen with time



Eye Strain & CVS

  • Double vision
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Short sightedness
  • Eyes very sensitive to light
  • Eye fatigue, red eyes, eye strain, pain in & around the eyes.


Tension Headaches

  • Feel excessive pressure on sides of head
  • Tension Headaches
  • Nerves – which carry visual information from the eyes to the brain getting tired causing headaches are very common problem among computer users.



Figures from charity BackCare show that 50 per cent of office workers who use a computer say they have lower back pain, while another survey found that 36 per cent of deskbound workers complain of poor posture.

Computer eye strain affects more than 70 % of the approximately 143 million Americans who work on a computer on a daily basis, according to the American Optometric Association (AOA). Doctors say that generally anyone who spends more than two hours a day in front of the computer screen is most likely to experience this problem. Computer vision syndrome is a term which is used to describe all the symptoms of vision related problems. This not only affects the eyes but also affects the sufferer mentally and physically. This in turn also affects one’s productivity at work.


See how it work:

Health Benefits:

Working and sitting for hours in front of the computer monitor/screen can result in back pain, shoulders pain, wrists pain, knee pain, tired eyes, dry eyes, headaches, computer vision syndrome, blurry vision & more. Over years using computer Long periods can also result in RSI (also known as repetitive strain injury) and carpal tunnel syndrome. Sitting in your chair in bad posture can lead to many pain in various parts of body, most common is back pain & wrist pain. EyeProtectorPro not only helps you taking breaks but also helps you maintain right posture while working on computer.

EyeProtectorPro can bring you lots of  health benefits:

  • Less Headaches while using computer & after using computer

  • Less Tired & Dry Eyes while computer use.

  • Less Hands stiffness using mouse. (We recommend thumb track ball mouse)

  • RSI Prevention/Recovery

  • Feel Better after using computer

  • Improved Vision and Eye health

  • Helps strengthen your eye muscle

  • Reduce Under Eye Dark Circle & more

The software will run in the taskbar keeping complete monitor on your work. Constantly timing how long you have worked and alerting you to when you need a break or pause. It can display the time left until a break or pauses and can tell you how many pauses you have left before a break. If you need to change the settings you can do so by clicking on the settings icon on the main program panel. Other features of the program that work much like the settings are timers, countdown, sticky notes, clock, and reminders.

Designed for Windows 7/Vista/XP/ME/2000/98

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If you have dark circles under eyes, they might be because of long hours of PC use without rest breaks. EyeProtectorPro reminds you to take rest breaks and it also reminds you to look away from PC screen, which helps to rest the eyes and eye muscles/veins around the eyes. If you use EyeProtectorPro every time you work on your PC, it can help you to lighten your dark circles.

You can easily setup  work  and read modes on your PC with EyeProtectorPro. You can have a standard(high) resolution with small fonts as most PC have and Other mode you can have with lower screen resolution making it easy for your eyes to see and read text.


It has Low Eye Strain Mode to let you change your monitor screen resolution quickly when you are reading web pages/documents etc. You can change monitor screen resolution with one click to switch between high and low resolutions. Which may come handy for power PC users such as designers & programmers.

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    Have you ever planned to translate your software in German? I have some friends, who would be interested, but they don’t speak German. I could translate it.

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